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Vishnu Devaraj, May 6, 2018

Business Challenge
The customer, one of the leading fasteners supplier, were managing all the business activities manually. The major concerns can be summarized as below:
1. Extensive paperwork
2. Data duplication
3. High dependency on human resource
4. Difficulty in getting real time informations like current inventory status, sales/purchase history, Delivery status etc.
5. Time/Effort/Money expenditure over manual handling of all processes
6. Unavailability of business critical reports


The proposed solution was OpenERP/Odoo ERP which was customized to suit the specific neeeds of the customer. The system is a seamless integration of people-process-technology to achieve the following ends:
1. Expand operational effectiveness and productivity
2. Augment accessibility and quality of information for decision-making support
3. Web based system that enables management and supervision from remote locations
4. Gain handy information on all data associated including inventory status, customer/supplier history and payment status,delivery, sales analysis etc
5. Improve customer service & delivery
6. Develop comprehensive reporting capabilities
7. A modular system that enables easy scaling in future without hindering existing workflow
8. Integration to Xero


1. Optimization of sales process
2. Reduction in Order processing time
3. Optimization in business operations
4. Optimization in Supply Chain Management
5. Improved data access
6. Scalability
7. Single system for all business operations

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