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Conference Management

Vishnu Devaraj, December 24, 2018

The purpose of conference management system is to manage conferences, in which the central object of management is a PAPER. The system mainly contains four user roles which controls the flow of the system.

  1. Author:  Author is the one who submits the paper and later make paper presentation in the event.
  2. TPC: TPC has the role to assign a reviewer to the paper which is submitted by the author. 
  3. Reviewer: Reviewer has the role to accept the paper which has been assigned by tpc and he can validate the paper by adding feedback.
  4. Chair/Manager: This person manage the conference and can perform all the roles of other users.




  • Author login into the system, creates and submit the paper.Author can only see menu ‘Submission’.When submitting the paper, a notification mail is sent to the corresponding authors.
  • TPC logins and then see the submitted papers.He adds a reviewer for the paper by button ‘Assign Reviewer’ which sends mail to the added reviewer.
  • Reviewer login into the system and he can only see the papers assigned to him.He can accept or decline the paper.If accepted he can review the paper by adding feedback.Reviewer user can only see the menu ‘Review’.
  • Chair user can perform all the functionalities of other user.





The submission menu is intended for the user role ‘Author’. Every author in the system will have access to this menu and the access of authors is limited to Submission menu only.
Apart from Author, the user role Chair also can see the menu ‘Submission’.

Submit Paper

Here, author can create a new paper, add co authors and submit it using ‘Submit’ button. In the authors list, main author shall be captured automatically, while the main author can add co authors manually. During the submission process a notification email shall be sent to the authors. Subsequently the state of the record will be changed to ‘Submitted’.

Papers Submitted
Here an author can see the list of all papers submitted by him.


Paper Management


Users with role TPC or Chair can see the Menu ‘Paper Management’.

The Soul purpose of this menu is to manage the conference name. It will always have only one record.

Paper Management

  • Paper Manager: The user must be able to see all the papers created and submitted in standard list view and kanban view.
  • Assign Reviewer: Here the TPC can review the submitted papers and assign a reviewer. Button ‘Assign Reviewer’ is a pop up with ‘Reviewer Name’ and ‘Reviewer Affiliation’. Reviewer name can be selected from a list of existing Reviewers. The affiliation will be filled automatically if it is already captured in the reviewer profile, otherwise TPC has to pick it from a list of existing affiliation records. The assign action triggers a notification E-mail to the reviewer assigned. The status of the record gets changed to ‘Invitation Sent’ and the status of the paper as ‘To Review’. The Assign Reviewer menu also allows TPC to remove an assigned reviewer using ‘Delete’ button. The action resets the status of the records.
  • Email Template: The email templates related to the conference management activities such as paper submission, assign reviewer etc are listed here.
  • Email Notification: This is basically a mass mailing feature through which the conference can be announced.




  • Area: List of Areas in which the papers can be specialised.
  • Technical Track: List of Track Names.
  • Affiliation: List of Affiliations.




The menu is intended for user role ‘Reviewer’. Both Reviewer and Chair have access to the menu.

Papers to Review

The papers assigned to the logged in reviewer shall be listed here. Reviewer can accept or decline the paper. If accepted, the state of the record changes to ‘Accepted’ and button ‘Add Score’ becomes visible. ‘Add Score’ returns a pop up in which reviewer can add the score feedback against the paper.



Maintain Result

The scores and comments added by reviewers against reviewed papers shall be visible here.


Management Issue List


Reviewer & TPC

This menu lists the users of type tpc and reviewer.Only user of type chair can see this.


Please refer link to the module in Odoo App.



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